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Photography student posts Nikon D3 torture test videos  
Tuesday, March 11, 2008 | by Rob Galbraith
Joseph Spina has posted several videos on YouTube showing him giving a Nikon D3 a real working over.

In three separate clips, Spina, whose YouTube profile describes him as a photography student in California, is shown scraping a metal key over the D3's rear LCD, dropping the camera from a high height (though the body isn't clearly shown to be a D3 in this case) and - the most bizarre of all - dumping all manner of foods and liquids on it and an attached AF-S Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8G ED.

Follow the links below to view: In another clip, he places a floor vacuum hose inside the mirror box of a D2-series camera.

Update, March 12, 2008: The posting of this story yesterday has brought a steady stream of email, with some readers complaining that our bringing attention to Spina's clips legitimizes his antics, and many more mentioning the various dustups they've witnessed involving him on photography forums around the Web.

While we don't agree that pointing to Spina's YouTube videos is equivalent to legitimizing what he's doing - it's just downright wacky to pour yogurt and applesauce on an expensive camera, and we believe that readers understand that - a Google search does reveal Spina to be a controversial figure in the forums at Digital Photography Review and elsewhere.

Revision History
March 11, 2008: Corrected a description of the camera used in the vacuum clip.
March 12, 2008: Added info about reader comments and changed the link to the Nikon D3 Overload Test.
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