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Speedlight SB-400 joins Nikon flash lineup  
Wednesday, November 15, 2006 | by Rob Galbraith

The Nikon Speedlight SB-400, announced today alongside the D40, is the newest member of the company's lineup of iTTL-capable flash units. An entry-level flash, its diminuitive size, low price and bounce capability may make it enticing for the Nikon digital SLR shooter who needs just a smidgeon of artificial light on certain assignments.

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Kiss of Light: Views of the Speedlight SB-400. Click any photo to enlarge. (Photos courtesy Nikon)

Speedlight SB-400 Feature Summary

  • It has a simple control interface: the flash turns on, the flash turns off
  • The flash head provide an 18mm angle of coverage on a Nikon digital SLR
  • The SB-400 will work with all i-TTL-compatible Nikons
  • It's powered by two AA batteries
  • Guide Number: (at 18mm coverage, 20C/68F) is 30/98.4 (at ISO 200, m/ft), or 21/69 (at ISO 100, m/ft)
  • The number of full power flashes and the recycling time for each battery type is:
    • Alkaline-manganese (1.5V) 140/3.9 seconds
    • Lithium (1.5V) 250/4.2 seconds
    • Oxyride (1.5V) 150/3.1 seconds
    • NiMH (1.5V, 2600 mAh) 210/2.5 seconds
  • For bounce flash photography, the SB -400's head will tilt up to 90, with click-stops at 0, 60, 75 and 90
  • Flash duration is approximately 1/1300th at full power (the measurement method isn't noted in Nikon's specs)
  • It will not work as either master unit or slave unit in a Nikon wireless TTL setup
  • Its dimensions are 2.6" W x 2.2" H x 3.1" D (6.6 cm x 5.6 cm x 7.9 cm) and its weight is 4.5 oz (128 g)

The Speedlight SB-400 is to ship the second week of December 2006 at an expected street price of US$129.95 in the U.S.

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