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Olympus E-System pro support program and lens roadmap  
Thursday, November 13, 2003 | by Eamon Hickey

As part of its effort to market the E-1 DSLR to professional photographers, Olympus recently launched Olympus Global Professional Service (OGPS). Similar in concept to pro support programs at Nikon and Canon, OGPS will offer members expedited repairs, short-term loaner equipment, and other services. Membership in OGPS will be recognized by Olympus distributors worldwide.

Though membership in OGPS is "global", procedures and availability of services will probably vary by region. Each regional Olympus distributor can determine its own policies regarding such things as repair turn-around times and availability of loaner equipment, according to John Bivona, Associate Manager of Digital Technical Support for Olympus America.

In the U.S. and Canada, Olympus will aim to turn OGPS member repairs around in 48 hours (not counting shipping time). Bivona says that OGPS in the US is already able to loan E-1 cameras and accessories to members for emergency repair replacement or for demo purposes.

In other E-System news, Olympus also published a "roadmap" for future Zuiko Digital (E-System) lens introductions. Though notably short on specifics, it seems to show plans for five new lenses in 2004 and an additional seven in 2005.

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