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Apple announces iPhoto 2, iMovie 3, iDVD 3 and Keynote  
Tuesday, January 7, 2003 | by
During this morning's keynote address at MacWorld Expo in San Francisco, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled new versions of three of the company's suite of "iApps," as well as a new application called Keynote.

iPhoto 2. Changes include the ability to archive photos to CD or DVD, integration with iDVD 3 that streamlines the creation of DVDs of still photos, a one-click image enhancement function, a simple image retouching brush and access to an iTunes playlist.

iPhoto 2

iMovie 3. New features include smooth panning within still photographs (called the "Ken Burns effect"), greater precision in audio editing, new transitions and effects, an improved interface and the ability to set chapter markers that are automatically recognized by iDVD 3.

iMovie 3

iDVD 3. Integration with iPhoto 2 and iMovie 3, as well as 24 whizzy new themes, are among the changes in Apple's DVD creation application.

iDVD 3

Keynote. An impressive-looking presentation application that includes 12 high-quality themes, dazzling slide transitions (remniscent of Kai's Power Show), control over the opacity, size and orientation of photos and other graphics, the ability to import from and export to PDF, QuickTime and Powerpoint formats and more.


iPhoto 2 and iMovie 3 will be available for download from Apple's web site beginning January 25 (iDVD 3 will not be downloadable); Apple will also release, in a boxed version only, a US$49 iLife suite comprised of iPhoto 2, iMovie 3, iDVD 3 and iTunes 3.

Keynote is available from Apple's US online store for US$99.

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