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The DCS 620x around the web  
Friday, July 21, 2000 | by
If you're looking for information about and sample photos from Kodak's DCS 620x, look no further than your web browser. The following sites have recently posted overviews of Kodak's high-ISO specialist camera, along with sample photos:

Digital Photography Review - a comprehensive look at the 620x, complete with many, many photos of the camera itself, as well as a gallery of 25 sample photos. The piece also covers some of the differences between the type of CCD used in Nikon's D1 and that found in the 620x.

Steve's DigiCams - a first look, with lots of good photos of the camera itself, and a gallery of colourful sample photos.

LoneStar Digital - several good sample photos (scroll to the bottom of the page).

Kodak recently dropped the price on the 620x. It is now available in the US for about US$6400.

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