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Firmware v5.3.0 for Kodak DCS models released  
Monday, December 20, 2004 | by Eamon Hickey

Kodak has released v5.3.0 of the firmware for the DCS SLR/n, SLR/c, and Pro 14n/nx cameras.

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The new firmware offers the following changes (or, in the case of the SLR/c, a subset of these changes):

  • Fixed a problem that occasionally caused some Windows 2000 and Windows XP systems to restart when capturing bursts of images directly to the host computer while tethered via the IEEE 1394 interface.
  • Fixed an intermittent problem that generated incorrect header data in DCR files that prevented the images from being opened by Photo Desk.
  • Fixed a problem that caused green and magenta blocking in some ERI JPEG images. Although ERI JPEG image quality is improved when viewing/processing images using ERI FFM version 1.0, some artifacts will still be present. Further artifact reduction will be achieved when using ERI JPEG images from firmware version 5.3.0 with ERI FFM version 2.0 (which was not yet available at the time of this release).
  • Added a Manual Mirror Prerelease option that uses the shutter button to raise the mirror and the OK button to open the shutter and capture the exposure.
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