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PTLens v6.2.1 released  
Friday, August 12, 2005 | by Rob Galbraith

Version 6.2.1 of ePaperPress' PTLens, software for correcting optical abnormalities in digital camera images, was released earlier this month.

PTLens, which is based on Panorama Tools, is Windows-only (2000/XP) and is available as both a standalone application and Photoshop plug-in. It's free, though the software's author, Thomas Niemann, accepts donations to support ongoing development. Version 6.2.1 of the plug-in now correctly processes 16-bits per colour photos, while the standalone version now preserves ICC profiles, EXIF data and IPTC text information when saving a new version of a picture file.

Other changes progressively introduced since the release of v6.0, says a press release, include "improved vignetting correction, provisions for correcting chromatic aberration, and facilities for correcting images taken with fisheye lenses."

Mac users might wish to check out the Mac-compatible LensFix from Kekus Digital, which is roughly comparable to PTLens (as it's also based on Panorama Tools). Other options include Photoshop CS2, which includes a fairly full-featured Lens Correction filter, and DxO Optics Pro, which is designed to tackle a range of optical deficiencies and more.

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