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GretagMacbeth announces Eye-One Display 2, Eye-One Match 3.0  
Wednesday, September 29, 2004 | by Rob Galbraith

GretagMacbeth has announced a new version of both its entry-level monitor calibrator and the accompanying software.

The Eye-One Display 2 monitor colorimeter is described as being more consistent, faster at taking measurements and more sensitive in the near-black range for improved grayscale neutrality and more accurate display of shadows.

The Eye-One Match 3.0 software adds user-definable white luminance settings (a key omission in previous Eye-One Match releases), more consistent overall colour even when the white point is changed, automatic control of the calibration process with DDC/CI-compliant CRT monitors, gray balance optimization and more.

The screenshots below show some of the steps involved in calibrating an LCD display with Eye-One Match 3.0.

Eye-One Match 3.0 opening screen

Choosing a white luminance

Setting the white luminance (the Eye-One Display 2 sensor, not shown, is attached to the screen)

Measuring colour patches (the Eye-One Display 2 sensor, not shown, is attached to the screen)

Saving the monitor profile

Eye-One Display 2 with Eye-One Match 3.0 software is to ship on October 5, 2004. Eye-One Match 3.0 will also be posted as a free download for existing users of an Eye-One Display colorimeter or Eye-One Pro spectrophotometer.

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