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Delkin unveils 685X-rated CompactFlash, iPad mount  
Friday, August 26, 2011 | by Rob Galbraith
Delkin has unveiled two product line additions today. The first is a new series of performance CompactFlash cards, called CombatFlash 685 and rated at 685X or 103MB/s. They feature extreme environmental protection and come in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities. Second is a pair of holders for the Apple iPad and iPad 2 that enable the tablets to be attached to Delkin's Fat Gecko mount system.

Performers: CombatFlash 685 (Photo courtesy Delkin)
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Bobbing for Apples: iPad holder. Click photos to enlarge (Photos courtesy Delkin)

More information is in the press releases below.

Press Release

Delkin Launches Fastest CF Memory Card in the World.

Poway, CA. August 26th, 2011 - Today Delkin Devices, Inc. announced their much anticipated ruggedized waterproof CF memory cards boasting the fastest read and write speeds in the world.  The new cards are available in capacities ranging from 8GB up to 64GB and are capable of transferring pictures, video, music and more at speeds up to 685X, or 103MB/s.  In addition to impressive speed performance, the cards are fully compatible with advanced HD and 3D video recording modes including slow motion recording.

"Since we launched our initial CombatFlash lineup of CF cards in 2010 we've had fantastic success  among professional photographers and videographers," explains Marketing Manager, Anna Lopez. "Unlike a traditional CF memory card, the CombatFlash PCB is protected with a Tekta infusion process that enables the card to achieve phenomenal reliability and performance in environments where a normal CF card would typically fail.  The card is protected from underwater submersion, solid impact, corrosion, rust & more. That reliability equals a day of production that doesn't need to be reshot, or a climb up Mount Everest that is captured reliably.  It equals invaluable peace of mind."

The new CombatFlash685 card includes the same ruggedized qualities as it's 625X predecessor, but adds more than 10MB/s in speed performance and the ability to shoot in over cranking mode (or slow motion recording) with Canon's XF series HD camcorders, including the trending XF305, XF300, XF105 and XF100 models.       

Lopez states, "Sophisticated cinema recording applications like Slow & Fast Motion and HD infrared capabilities are increasingly being utilized on a regular basis. Delkin's US engineering staff is consistently heightening their standards to not only keep up with the evolving equipment, but to also anticipate future breakthroughs that will require exceedingly fast and high quality memory."

Delkin's CombatFlash memory remains the only consumer flash storage brand built to comply with MIL-STD-810 specification. Extreme environmental testing has rated the CombatFlash CF line to remain fully operable anywhere between 0C to 70C, while soldered and sealed internal components and advanced wear leveling & error correction features manage data continuously to ensure data integrity and card longevity.

CombatFlash685 CF memory is supported by Delkin's trusted lifetime warranty and U.S. based support center, available by phone on working days between 8am-5pm PST.  This innovative product, along with Delkin's complete lineup of imaging accessories, can be found at digital camera retailers worldwide, as well as direct from for retail prices ranging from $149.99 for an 8GB card to $899.99 for a 64GB card. CombatFlash 625X memory is also available for purchase for a limited time, with 4-16GB capacities retailing from $79.99-$229.99.

Press Release

New iPad Mount Lets You Secure Your iPad to Any Surface or Object For Hands Free Use Across Industries

Poway, CA. August 26th, 2011 - Today Delkin expands their award winning line of Fat Gecko Mounts with two new brackets for Apple's iPad1 and iPad2 tablet, allowing users to mount an iPad to almost any surface for hands free use and viewing.  Robust custom molded plastic provides easy access to all essential tablet buttons and functions, while a -20" connector enables universal attachment to any Delkin Fat Gecko mount or standard photography tripod.

"The iPad has become a truly revolutionary tool across countless industries including photography,  aviation, automotive, gaming, medical, and even food service, but users are limited in the available ways to mount the device or prop it up for ease of use" explains Marketing Manager, Anna Lopez. "Creating an adapter that will reliably connect an iPad to one of our existing mounts opens up usage options for iPad users across hundreds of professions and lifestyles."

The new brackets are designed to allow the iPad to slip seamlessly into protective molded holds on one side and then clip into the opposing side for an impressively secure fit.  Once the bracket is attached to the Fat Gecko Mount of choice, the user can adjust angles and the mounting position to obtain their ideal angle.

Delkin's Fat Gecko Mounts utilize industrial strength locking suction or vise grip to create a reliable and universal hold with almost any surface or object, including automotive and aviation windows, kitchen counters, workstations, operating tables, restaurant hostess stands and more. Set up takes less than a minute and the mount can be removed with no damage or lasting impression to the mounting surface in just seconds.

The Fat Gecko product line, renowned for a wide array of versatile photography mounting devices, includes over a dozen other products that make unimaginable shooting angles attainable from virtually any surface. Models include a double suction mount for heavier objects such as DSLR cameras, a single suction mount for lightweight devices such as iPads and compact cameras and a vise mount that secures devices up to three pounds to objects that cannot utilize suction.  Accessories that mate a flash unit, GPS device or action camera to a Fat Gecko's ''-20 mounting head are also available direct through or at any Delkin authorized retailer.       
Each iPad Mount includes one mounting accessory and user guide and begins shipping worldwide today at the retail price of $24.99. Fat Gecko mounts recommended for use with this accessory are available for purchase separately.

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