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X-Rite posts i1Profiler 1.3.1  
Thursday, April 12, 2012 | by Rob Galbraith
X-Rite has posted iProfiler 1.3.1, an update of its colour management software for Mac and Windows. Changes in both this release and v1.3.0 include support for the new i1Pro 2 spectrophotometer, the ability to change the white point in printer profiles, new photo paper sizes and more, plus bug fixes.

More information is in the release notes below.

New for the 1.3.1 Release

The following features and improvements have been added for this release:
- Fixed issue where i1Profiler assets were not being installed correctly.
- Added the Process Standard Rotogravure (PSR) characterization data (published in 2009 by bvdm/ECI/ERA/FOGRA) to the Printer Quality workflow.
- Added Russian translation for the license agreement to the installer. Known Issues

Version 1.3 Release

The following features and improvements were added for the 1.3.0 release:
- Added support for the new i1Pro 2 Device
o New chart layouts for i1Pro 2 with smaller default patch size and removal of spacer lines between patches.
o i1Pro 2 supports three measurement conditions; M0, M1 and M2. User must be in dual scan mode to get access to all three. o i1Pro 2 added to OBC workflow.
o Can transfer license information from i1Pro to i1Pro2.
o i1Pro 2 can be used in legacy mode to measure charts previously created for the i1Pro.
- Can now use included ColorChecker chart as OBC reference standard.
- Added Measure Reference feature. User can import a test chart reference file from ProfileMaker 5 and measure a previously printed test chart.
- Added Measure Chart capability. User can specify measurement device and number of rows and columns for a previously printed test chart and measure.
- Added ability to change the white point of printer profiles
o White point can be specified in Lab, extracted from a saved measurement or extracted from an ICC profile.
- Fixed issue in CMYK+N profiling where extra colors were not being handled correctly within the user interface causing measurement issues
- Fixed CMYK+N issue where +N color names and values were not getting written into the DCS file for saved test charts.
- Improved handing of CGATS measurement data.
- Added two new photo paper sizes; 8x10 in. (203x254 mm) and 8x12 in.
(203x305 mm).
- Changed default page orientation to landscape for both i1Pro and i1Pro 2.
- Added Russian language support.

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