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New digital photojournalism forums added  
Tuesday, August 1, 2000 | by
By popular demand, two new topic areas have been added to the Digital Photojournalism Forums at They are:
  • Cards and readers. Discuss the selection and use of camera storage media including CompactFlash cards, PC Cards and card readers.

  • Archiving. Discuss the long-term storage and archiving of digital camera photos, both for personal use and at the newspaper/wire service level.

Stop by and read the hundreds of messages posted in the first month of the Digital Photojournalism Forum's operation or, better yet, join the 347 photojournalists who have already signed up to post messages in the forums by registering today. The content and direction of the forums is dictated by you, the reader. Ask the questions you wish to ask, then post answers that will help your colleagues use their digital cameras more effectively.

Other topic areas include:

  • Nikon D1. For Nikon D1 photojournalists. Discuss the D1 camera, SB-28DX flash, lenses and related hardware and software (including third party software for the D1).

  • Kodak/Canon pro digital. For photojournalists using the NC 2000e, DCS 3, DCS 520, EOS D2000, DCS 620, DCS 620x and the upcoming EOS D30. Discuss these cameras, the 550EX and SB-28D/DX flashes, lenses and related hardware and software (including third party software).

  • Photoshop for Photographers. Discuss the use of Photoshop and third-party plug-ins in the editing, toning and captioning of digital camera photos.

  • Location lighting. Discuss the use of one of more portable or small lighting kit strobes outside the studio to produce better digital photos. This is the forum to discuss the lighting of basketball gyms, environmental portraits and press conferences to enhance the mood, or printability, of the resulting photos.

  • Transmitting. Discuss the transmission of digital photos by landline or wireless connection using a Mac, PC or the camera itself.

  • Sports Shooter. Discuss once and future stories in the Sports Shooter email/web newsletter, as well as the shooting of sports, with and without a digital camera, in general.
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