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Eye-Fi releases firmware update for Eye-Fi X2 cards  
Wednesday, February 2, 2011 | by Rob Galbraith
Eye-Fi this week has released firmware v4.2172 for their X2 line of wireless/memory SD combo cards. The update implements a number of minor but welcome feature tweaks and bug fixes, including ones that were causing problems with the Nikon D7000 and certain USB card readers for us and which now appear to be corrected.

To install, insert an Eye-Fi X2 card into a reader connected to your computer, launch Eye-Fi Center, then click on the card's icon within the application.

The full list of stated changes is below. Note that the Wi-Fi router functionality announced by Eye-Fi in January is not incorporated in firmware v4.2172. That's still to come, sometime in the months ahead.

v4.2172 (01 Feb 2011)


  • Improved SD card interoperability with Pentax K series cameras
  • Improved stand-by power consumption in Eye-Fi connected cameras
  • Better post-format and power-on SD reset behavior in some cameras to improve interoperability
  • Increased the number of uploaded files that can be removed via endless memory processing for each sequence of four power-cycles
  • Improved prioritization of pending upload work over endless memory processing
  • Increased number of retries during 802.11 association failures when adding a new network profile
  • Control WPA supplication parameters directly instead of relying on the Marvell driver to improve 802.11 interoperability in WPA/WPA2 modes
  • Incorporated new firmware from Marvell
  • Reduced maximum 802.11 power selected while operating in card readers to improve operation with marginal USB power supplies
  • Changed expired breadcrumb clean-up processing to a random probabilistic scheme for better stand-by power


  • Fixed NULL pointer bug in expiring old wireless scan results while they were being used actively
  • Dynamic calibration for mutual component tolerance sensitivity with some Apple Airport (and a few other) access points

NOTE: For customers with Eye-Fi X2 Cards running firmware version 4.1017 or earlier, the firmware update may result in a failure message after the 30-second countdown. If this occurs, please do not be alarmed and follow the instructions to remove your Eye-Fi Card and reinsert it. If you do not get prompted for a firmware update again after reinserting card, the firmware update was completed successfully despite the erroneous message.

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