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Aperture appears to be shipping from Apple Store  
Saturday, November 26, 2005 | by Rob Galbraith

The online Apple Store has begun to issue shipping notices for Aperture.

Since midday, we've received word from seven photographers that they've received shipping confirmation emails today. We've been able to determine that all but one of these photographers is in the U.S. Plus, as of this writing the Aperture product pages on the Apple web site have been changed to sport a "Now Shipping" logo. And, the U.S. and Canada online Apple Stores indicate on their respective front pages that Aperture is now shipping too, though other online Apple Stores worldwide do not. 

All this would suggest that Aperture has officially been released by Apple for destinations served by its U.S. and Canada online stores, though it may not be shipping to other world regions quite yet.

Update, December 2, 2005: We've received multiple reports from around Europe of Aperture arriving on the doorsteps of photographers there as well, so the software appears to be well and truly available now.

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