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Hoodcap-HCD1 now shipping  
Monday, October 2, 2000 | by
Hoodman's Bob Schmidt indicates that the Hoodcap, a see-through cap for the rear LCD monitor on the Nikon D1, is now shipping. It is available for US$19.95 direct from Hoodman, or from certain US pro camera dealers.

The Hoodcap, which replaces the opaque cap that ships with the camera, should be a boon for wearers of eyeglasses especially, or anyone else concerned about keeping their screen in pristine condition, since the cap will protect the LCD monitor from scratches while still allowing easy viewing of images on it. It also features a tiny hole in the left tab of the cap, so that a lanyard may be used to secure it to the camera's strap.

A collapsible hood for the D1's LCD monitor, called the Hoodman-HD1, is still about four weeks away from completion. It will attach to the Hoodcap to minimize glare, and apparently will feature an innovative collapsible design that will allow it to remain in place even while the camera is being used to shoot pictures. It is expected to sell for about US$50.

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