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Blue Pixel consulting group launched  
Monday, October 8, 2001 | by
Since leaving my staff shooting position at the Calgary Herald in 1998, my day job has been as a trainer and consultant to news organizations making the jump to digital. Today, I'm pleased to announce that my day job is expanding to include digital photography training and consulting outside the newspaper and wire service sphere. Through Blue Pixel, a newly-formed consulting group, I, along with Kevin Gilbert, Reed Hoffmann and a cast of supporting characters, will be offering training and workflow development to a wide range of photography disciplines, from corporate to hobbyist.

Blue Pixel LogoBlue Pixel will not be the first digital photography consultancy on the block of course. But what sets apart the founding partners of Blue Pixel is that we are professional photographers first. In fact, one of the first assignments for Kevin, Reed and me is to provide complete photo coverage - using the Nikon D1X - of Eco Challenge 2001 in New Zealand later this month. In other words, consulting work will be an important adjunct to our photography careers, not a new career in itself, which is key in ensuring that we know what we're talking about, now and in the future.

Digital photography is growing faster than ever. Growing along with that is the need for useful, accurate information and training on how it all works. Look for an announcement soon about Blue Pixel's first seminar series, slated to kick off in 2002. And check out for more information on what Blue Pixel is about, the services we provide and who we are. To request additional information on Blue Pixel, contact Kevin Gilbert at A press release is also available for download.

Blue Pixel web site
Blue Pixel web site

News photographer training and workflow development continues, through my own company Little Guy Media. For information on that, please contact me directly at

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