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Sinar announces availability of complete Sinar M system  
Monday, December 12, 2005 | by Eamon Hickey

Sinar Switzerland has issued a press release saying that the previously announced Sinar M system is "now complete" and available for purchase. The Sinar M is a modular camera system comprising a shutter unit and exchangeable prism modules. It allows the use of any Sinar digital back (currently available in resolutions up to 22-megapixels) with a Sinar P3 view camera or, using the prism modules, with Hasselblad or Nikon lenses in an SLR configuration.

As best we can determine from somewhat oddly worded announcements and e-mails from Sinar and SinarBron Imaging (the U.S. Sinar distributor), some subset of Sinar M components may have been available previously, but in any case SinarBron confirms that these products are now shipping (in the U.S.):

  • M camera body
  • Nikon 35mm mirror housing
  • Mirror module for Hasselblad v system and Sinar AF lenses
  • Sinar/Zeiss 80mm AF Lens
  • View Finder
  • Power Bottom (battery system)

Additional details and pricing information are available from authorized Sinar dealers, according to SinarBron.


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