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MacBibble 1.3d fixes Photoshop crashing bug  
Wednesday, January 17, 2001 | by
Following quickly on the heels of MacBibble 1.3 (and the briefly-posted 1.3c) version 1.3d fixes a Photoshop crashing bug and addresses other minor problems in the most recent release of the US$99 .NEF file browsing and conversion application.

Other changes include a change to the installer that allows the selection of a drive other than the one containing the System Folder, the elimination of a magenta border around some photos, and a bug fix to correct the fact that the Old CC Method of colour processing was always used regardless of the option selected.

In addition, author Eric Hyman offers these suggestions for improving the stability of MacBibble's companion Photoshop plug-in:

MacBibble requires at least 50 Megs free inside Photoshop to function correctly. If 50Megs is not free, you will not be able to load .nefs (The plugin now checks for this). Also Do not use Virtual memory, or try to use other programs while using Photoshop with MacBibble as this may cause Photoshop to not have the memory required for MacBibble. Finally, don't set your photoshop ram usage to high. I would recomend no higher than 80% of the largest free block reported in the Finder's "About this computer" dialog with nothing running.

MacBibble 1.3d, as well as several previous versions of the program, are available for download from the Bibble Labs web site. The program is fully functional for 10 days before US$99 registration is required. Bibble 2.4a for Windows is also available.

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