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Eight days to Visual Edge 2000  
Saturday, July 15, 2000 | by
Photojournalism's premier conference on digital photography commences in eight days. Visual Edge 2000, staged in St. Petersburg, Florida by the NPPA in concert with the Poynter Institute, features a broad range of digital technology speakers and an opportunity to see Canon's upcoming EOS D30 digital camera.

Speakers include:

  • Reed Hoffmann, Digital trainer and expert on the Nikon D1, DCS 620 and NC 2000e

  • David Frank, director of picture desk technology at the New York Times

  • Brian Storm, senior producer of multimedia at MSNBC

  • Alan Diaz, the freelance AP photographer who used a Nikon D1 to shoot the now-famous photo of Elian Gonzalez being extracted from his Miami relatives

  • Beth Reynolds, a photojournalist who earlier this year shot an entire photo story with a D1

  • Eric Draper, AP photographer, will be discussing the use of digital cameras on the road

The Visual Edge trade show this year includes an opportunity to see, hold and learn about Canon's EOS D30 digital camera. Canon will be on hand with several pre-production units, though Canon's Chuck Westfall cautions that it will not be possible to take away photos shot with the not-quite-finished cameras.

Visual Edge 2000 is divided up into two tracks: Workshop and Sessions. See the Visual Edge web site for information on participating in each, registration information and more.

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