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MobileStar succesful at News  
Wednesday, August 22, 2001 | by
Eric Meskauskas, Photo Director at the New York Daily News, reports that his staff of photographers has had good success jumping onto MobileStar's 802.11b wireless Internet service from just outside of installed Starbucks locations in the New York area. Meskauskas indicates that throughput is fast, much faster in fact than the Ricochet network they'd previously relied on to move digital photos through the air: "we're getting 5 second transmission times for un-re-compressed Nikon D1 jpegs, and we don't even have to go inside the joint." An article in the Daily News provides additional information (note that the article understates the zippiness of the service, however). My own experience over a Seattle Starbucks connection was comparably speedy, with JPEG file throughput in the 150K/second range to a distant FTP server.
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