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Mac OS X 10.4.9 adds support for additional camera RAW formats to Aperture  
Tuesday, March 13, 2007 | by Rob Galbraith
Mac OS X 10.4.9, released today, changes the functionality of Apple Aperture in several ways: it increases the number of camera RAW files supported (new models include the Nikon D40 and several Leaf digital backs), improves the results obtained with the program's Spot & Patch tool, preserves GPS metadata when exporting, better handles the import of Canon RAW .TIF files that have been previously captioned and more.

A page on the Apple website further describes the Aperture-related changes in OS X 10.4.9:

The Mac OS X 10.4.9 Update includes many benefits for Aperture:
  • Adds support for the RAW image formats of these third-party cameras: Leaf Aptus 17, Leaf Aptus 22, Leaf Aptus 65, Leaf Aptus 75, Leaf Valeo 11, Leaf Valeo 17, Leaf Valeo 22, Leica Digilux 3, Nikon D40, Pentax K10D, Pentax K110D, Pentax K100D, Panasonic Lumix DMC-L1, Samsung GX-1L.
  • Improved Spot & Patch results: The update contains changes to Core Image that improve the visual correctness of images using Spot & Patch adjustment.
  • Reduces issues of temporary "black" Viewer: Mac OS X 10.4.9 addresses several issues that could cause the Viewer to temporarily turn black when displaying adjusted images.
  • GPS metadata is preserved when image versions are exported.
  • Incorporates all RAW file format compatibility and other imaging issues originally addressed in Digital Camera RAW Support Update 1.0.1. This update improved RAW file format compatibility for the Canon Digital Rebel XTi / 400D / Kiss X Digital, Nikon D80, and Pentax *ist DS. It also addressed the following issues: Handling of large Canon RAW files (.CRW); DNG compatibility on Intel-based Macs; Lines sometimes appearing in images exported from Aperture.
Mac OS X 10.4.9 is available via the operating system's Software Update mechanism, or as a standalone updater for Intel and PowerPC computers.
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