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FotoStation 4, FotoStation Pro 4.5 updated  
Tuesday, December 19, 2000 | by
Several readers noted that Fotoware has released new Mac and Windows versions of both its flagship FotoStation Pro and entry level FotoStation image browsing and editing applications. FotoStation Pro is now at v4.5, and includes a nifty File Acquire function for digital camera users. FotoStation 4 has not yet been bumped up to v4.5 status, but does include a number of the changes found in v4.5 of FotoStation Pro, including http file uploading. The latest versions of both applications provide compatibility with files saved in Photoshop 6.

FotoStation 4 Build 100

This is the last free upgrade to the version of FotoStation released in the fall of 1999. Like FotoStation Pro 4.5, its imaging engine is now based on QuickTime 4 on both the Mac and Windows platforms. This brings with it support for many new image formats (though support for various video and sound formats is not expected until the next revision of FotoStation, due out in February 2001), and also lays the groundwork for making it easier to add emerging formats, such as JPEG 2000, by installing an appropriate QuickTime plug-in when available.

Other changes include file uploading using the http protocol, Photoshop 6 file format compatibility, improved web page support, improved thumbnail sorting and a host of bug fixes and feature tweaks. The FotoStation 4 Build 100 Release Notes describes the changes. Owners of previous versions of FotoStation 4 may download an updater to Build 100. Trial versions of the US$145 (dealers often sell for less) application for Mac and Windows are also available.

FotoStation Pro 4.5 Build 100

A free upgrade for owners of FotoStation Pro 4, the latest release features a new imaging engine based on QuickTime 4 on both the Mac and Windows platforms. Many new still, video and audio formats are now supported as a result. For example, a QuickTime movie may now both be played from within FotoStation Pro and IPTC captioned for more effective archiving and storage.

The File Acquire function is designed to streamline the copying of digital camera files. Version 4.5's release notes include the following information on the new feature:

Use this advanced feature to copy/move files from a flash card to a local or networked disk. The main advantage is speed, the possibility to ad text from a template, Job identifier and renaming. This function can also be used to apply a selected Auto Adjustment profile to a large number of files.

The Auto pop-up feature is convenient to access this function when a disk is inserted.

Any disk location can be used as a source or destination. The ‘Job Identifier’ is stored in the IPTC field previously called ‘Fixture Identifier’. Search for Job Identifiers is available from the image pop-up menu.

The FotoStation Pro 4.5 Release Notes list all that's new since v4. Updaters and trial versions for both Mac and Windows are available from Fotoware's download page. Index Manager 4.5 has also been posted.

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