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Firmware update utility for Lexar CompactFlash nearing release  
Monday, July 2, 2001 | by
Lexar Media has stepped up efforts to complete a Mac/Windows utility that will update the firmware in the company's higher-capacity CompactFlash cards.

The utility is being released so that Nikon D-series camera owners can load firmware into their Lexar cards to fix a startup delay problem - see Lexar commences updating of CompactFlash card firmware for more on that. The firmware has been available for several months; what's new is the utility, currently called JST, which will enable photographers to perform the firmware update themselves. This should eliminate the need to send cards away to Fremont, California to have the update performed, though that option will remain for those leery of updating their own cards.

Screenshot from an early development version of the JST firmware update utility

JST is currently in the beginning stages of what is expected to be a quick development cycle (a screenshot from an early DOS/Windows version is shown above). It's interface, ease of use and even its name may change before it's posted, for free, on Lexar's web site. No release date has been set.

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