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ClearBags offers sturdy, inexpensive Airsafe Art Box for shipping photos  
Thursday, April 2, 2009 | by Rob Galbraith
Specialty packaging maker ClearBags has recently unveiled a line of slick, inexpensive cardboard shipping boxes designed specifically for photographs and artwork. Called the Airsafe Art Box and available in six traditional print sizes from 8in x 10in to 20in x 24in, they're designed for easy assembly, feature a two inch thick barrier to protect the print or stack of prints inside and meet both FedEx and UPS insurability requirements.

Boxed In: ClearBag's Airsafe Art Box. Click to enlarge. View an animation showing the assembly process here (Photo courtesy ClearBags)

The available interior sizes are:
  • 8in x 10in
  • 8.5in x 11in
  • 11in x 14in
  • 11in x 17in
  • 16in x 20in
  • 20in x 24in
The depth for all is 5.5in. The 16in x 20in box is also available in a 3in deep version. All sizes use corrugated cardboard with a 200-pound test strength. Says Craig Britland, Vice President of Sales and Marketing: "we would go as far to say that Airsafe Art Boxes are a higher quality corrugated cardboard box than a UPS or FedEx box."

Not available are increasingly common inkjet printer sizes such as 13in x 19in and 17in x 22in. ClearBag's Britland says they're "always willing to look at new sizes based on customer input...," which means if you like the design of the Airsafe Art Box, but need a different size, let them know.

The Airsafe Art Box is available now, direct from ClearBags in the U.S. The company ships worldwide. A 10-pack of 3in depth boxes for 16in x 20in prints is US$40; the price of smaller and larger sizes varies accordingly. Significant discounts are available for purchases of 26 or more 10-packs of a given size. Shipping is in addition.

Tip: to fill up free air space inside and prevent prints from shifting up and down, Britland suggests that sealed air or accordion-style bubble wrap can be used.

ClearBags has also recently introduced a line called Show Kits, aimed at artists or photographers staging a gallery show on a budget. Each kits is comprised of the following:
  • 10 acid free, fitted protective bags
  • 10 single or double pre-cut mattes (a small range of colours is available)
  • 10 double sided four ply backing boards
Mounting tape or corners are not included, but can be added to a Show Kits order. Britland says that their one inch Gummed Linen Hinging Tape is a popular choice, as are 1/2 square inch Photo Mounting Squares.

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