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JobMinder assignment database lives  
Tuesday, May 2, 2000 | by
When the Associated Press Technology Marketing department closed its doors last year, the fate of certain products was left in limbo. Fortunately, AP JobMinder wasn't one of them: control of the excellent assignment database reverted back to its creator, Northern Lights Data Systems (NLDS), and its proprietors Mike Healey and former AP tech staffer John Swart. Now simply called JobMinder, it is a client-server-based management system for creating and cataloging photo assignment requests, with an option to automatically submit photos to the newspaper's photo server or archive. Built on the cross-platform database engine FileMaker Pro, JobMinder provides a simple user interface for maintaining a comprehensive database of photo assignment information. Features include:
  • Creation of photo assignments from a Mac or PC using dedicated client software, or through an optional web browser interface.

  • Support for a range of IPTC and custom fields.

  • Optional automated processing of text data in photos: a script utility inserts all IPTC, custom and caption field data from the JobMinder database into the corresponding photo before it is automatically transferred to any FTP-capable photo server or archive system.

NLDS's Swart indicates that the last three months have been spent upgrading former AP JobMinder sites to the current JobMinder 2.5r5 version. NLDS has also taken over support of AP JobMinder sites and is honouring remaining AP support contracts. For more information on purchasing JobMinder, JobMinder upgrades or support contracts, contact NLDS at or by phone at 877-718-0489. NLDS will be demonstrating JobMinder at NEXPO in San Francisco from June 17-20 in booth 734.

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