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Hazards of shooting for National Geographic  
Wednesday, November 30, 2011 | by Eamon Hickey
A matrix of various hazards faced by photographers on assignment for National Geographic has been published on a new web site created by a collective of the magazine's shooters. The web site, called The Photo Society, doesn't clearly indicate its purpose, but it appears to be a platform for promoting the work and activities of its members, who have all shot at least one National Geographic feature story. It includes contact information for many of them. 

The long list of adverse events experienced by these photographers ranges from the unsurprising robbery, frostbite to the rather exotic viper in camera bag, pursuit by crocodile, acid dripping caves. Predictably, if lamentably, the most common was severe diarrhea, with 90 separate occurrences. Taken as a whole, the matrix gives an eye-opening insight into life on assignment for the magazine.

The page containing the matrix begins with a remembrance of Wes Skiles, an underwater photographer and National Geographic contributor who was killed while diving last year. 

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