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LPA Design developing PocketWizard module for Einstein 640  
Tuesday, June 15, 2010 | by Rob Galbraith
LPA Design is developing a PocketWizard module for the Paul C. Buff Einstein 640 monolight. Similar to the recently-announced PowerST4 for Elinchrom RX, the Einstein module will enable the remote setting of flash output level, control of modeling light behaviour and more from a PocketWizard configuration such as an AC3 ZoneController + MiniTT1 for Canon.

In a nod to another well-known Einstein, the new module will be called the PowerMC2 (think E=MC2 and you'll get the reference).

The PowerMC2 will feature tighter integration with the flash it's controlling, relative to other PocketWizard module + studio flash pairings, thanks to a cooperative effort between LPA Design and Paul C. Buff. This will include the setting of PocketWizard channel and zone on the flash's rear LCD panel, turning the flash off/on remotely and possibly more (the two companies are still finalizing some of the details).

Once available, the PowerMC2 will be sold by Paul C. Buff through its direct sales operations in the U.S., Europe and Australia.

On the Way: A prototype of the upcoming PocketWizard PowerMC2 module, attached to a Paul C. Buff Einstein 640. Note that the final version of the module will not include or require the cable shown. It will have a form factor similar to the Paul C. Buff CSXCV Transceiver Module and will plug directly into the same transceiver slot on top of the flash. Click to enlarge (Photo by Rob Galbraith/Little Guy Media)

The PowerMC2 will be a drop-in module for the transceiver slot on top of the Einstein 640, similar in appearance to the Paul C. Buff CSXCV Transceiver Module but a bit taller. (It will not include or require the cable shown in the picture - that's for development purposes only).

The module will come with a connector cover to protect its contact pins when not in use; the cover will remain tethered to the module to reduce the chance it will be lost. A USB port on the PowerMC2 will allow for the loading of firmware updates and configuration changes from a computer, using PocketWizard Utility.

Development of the module is fairly far along. It's too soon though, says LPA Design's Jim Clark, to speak about a release date or price. Update, June 17, 2010: the PocketWizard site now states the module will ship in the fall.

We've had a brief opportunity to try out a working prototype of the PowerMC2 and can confirm that the basics are already working properly, including channel selection and remote power control with both Canon and beta Nikon PocketWizard configurations. (We shot a rough video of a Nikon SU-800 + beta MiniTT1 for Nikon being used to change Einstein power levels, with the help of the prototype PowerMC2. The video is here.)

LPA Design recently unveiled remote power control modules for other studio flash, including certain Elinchrom RX-series units and most Paul C. Buff AlienBees, White Lightning and Zeus.

Revision History
June 17, 2010: Added links and release date information.

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