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Where's the D1X review?  
Wednesday, June 13, 2001 | by
Thanks to all who've sent an email inquiring about the posting date for a review of the D1X on this site. Please know that I intend to publish a number of articles about or related to Nikon's just-released digital SLR, including a report that will assess the suitability of the D1X to daily news photography.

The D1X and its accompanying Nikon Capture 2 software (not to mention Bibble and QImage Pro) are not something that can be learned intimately overnight. At least not for me, not at a level at which I'd be comfortable pontificating about the camera's strengths and weaknesses on these pages. There's much to be learned, and many real assignments and test photos to be recorded, viewed and printed, before I'll be set to do that.

I've learned long ago to not promise a specific publication date for such reports. This time will be no exception. However, I can say with certainty that, based on my travel/training schedule this month, a comprehensive look at the D1X will not be ready for posting until well into July.

If you'd like to be informed periodically by email of new articles and other changes at, please send a message to Please include the email address(es) to send to in the body of the message.

Thanks to those who are eager for info on the D1X from me; I sincerely appreciate your interest in what I might have to say.

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