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X-Rite unveils i1Display Pro, ColorMunki Display (updated)  
Monday, June 20, 2011 | by Rob Galbraith
X-Rite has unveiled the i1Display Pro and ColorMunki Display, a pair of new, almost identical-looking colorimeters designed to calibrate and/or profile monitors and projectors. Both are promised to be well-suited to measuring either standard or wide gamut displays equipped with either fluorescent (CCFL) or LED backlights, and both feature the ability to create profiles through an iterative measurement process.

The main differences between the i1Display Pro and ColorMunki Display are speed, with the former capable of measuring roughly 5X faster than the latter, and software features: the i1Display Pro's included i1Profiler software provides for finer control over profile settings and can also evaluate display uniformity, which the ColorMunki Display's ColorMunki software cannot.

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Screen Test: Views of the i1Display Pro and ColorMunki Display. Click to enlarge (Photos courtesy X-Rite)

The i1Display Pro is comprised of an RGB-filter colorimeter with a rotatable diffuser arm that can be used as a stand for projector profiling (a 1/4-20 socket is built into the base for tripod mounting as well). The i1Profiler software offers precise setting of white point, luminance, gamma and contrast ratio, custom patch sets can be created and an iterative profiling process is designed to allow for more complete measurement of a given monitor based on the monitor's unique colour characteristics. Other features include automatic control of monitor settings, including the backlight brightness of Apple displays, plus functions for factoring in both ambient light levels and display surface glare.

The video below is an excellent overview of i1Display Pro and i1Profiler.

Color Correct: iDisplay Pro and i1Profiler

The overall appearance and mounting options for ColorMunki Display are the same as the i1Display Pro; only its measurement speed, at about 1/5 that of the i1Display Pro, really positions it as the lower-cost unit. The ColorMunki software is capable of the same iterative profiling process and has the same ambient light and display glare compensation functions as i1Profiler, plus it can also communicate and control monitor settings directly. But it lacks i1Profiler's ability to dial in virtually any combination of white point, luminance, gamma and contrast ratio, among other more advanced options.

Both the i1Display Pro and ColorMunki Display ship to dealers starting later this week in the U.S. and perhaps other countries as well. The U.S. minimum advertised price (MAP), which is likely to be close to the actually selling price initially, is US$249 for the i1Display Pro and US$169 for the ColorMunki Display.

Until September 30, 2011, purchasers of a ColorMunki Display can trade in another colorimeter and receive a US$25 rebate. Purchasers of an i1Display Pro can receive US$40 back. The rebate offer is valid in the U.S. and Canada only (though X-Rite may be conducting similar promotions elsewhere too).

With the release of the new colorimeters, the i1Display LT/i1Display 2 colorimeter is officially discontinued. The ColorMunki Photo and i1Pro spectrophotometers continue in X-Rite's hardware lineup, as does the hueyPro.

Revision History
June 20, 2011: Added demo video.

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