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Adobe posts video showcasing Photoshop CS5's Puppet Warp  
Saturday, April 3, 2010 | by Rob Galbraith
Adobe has posted a video showcasing a new feature called Puppet Warp in the upcoming Photoshop CS5.

Puppet Warp defies description; watch the video below to see what it can do. The first five minutes demonstrate the feature's serious pixel bending capabilities when applied to content such as an object on a white background. At about the five minute mark you can see Puppet Warp tackle the problem of diverging lines in a panorama photo.

Pixel Bending: A demonstration of Puppet Warp in the upcoming Photoshop CS5 (Video courtesy Adobe)

Photoshop CS5, along with the rest of the new Creative Suite of Adobe applications, is to be unveiled officially on April 12.
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