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Bibble 2.0 adds ability to set neutral point in preview  
Monday, September 18, 2000 | by
Eric Hyman has completed the v2.0 release of Bibble, a program for browsing and processing D1 RAW (.NEF) files. Preview and overall processing speed gains, as well as the addition of a neutral point setting tool in General Options, are the primary changes since v1.99.

The Read Me accompanying the latest release of the US$99 shareware application for Windows includes the following information:

This version represents a long overdue optimization pass on Bibble. In addition to speeding up most of the internal workings, I have cleaned up the main interface a bit, thus leaving more screen space for images.

"Click White" is a new setting on white balance override. It works just like the clickable white balance on the main program, but this one works from the preview window, and will even remember your "click " from pic to pic and run to run.

To best use this new tool, shoot a grey card, or macbeth chart at the start of shooting session in "unknown" light. When you later go to process the set with bibble, merely click on the "Click white" button, and then using the crosshairs, click on a neutral patch in the image (Grey, white, your choice), and bibble will balance the scene based on your selection. Once "Stored" in the click white Slot of the WB override, you can automatically apply this balance to a range of images, one at a time or in batch.

When "rapid preview" is selected (Which is now the default), when you ask go to open a .nef in bibble, it will load a quickly generated lower res(1/2) version of the image into the preview window. Once you finalize your settings, the full image will be processed and loaded into bibble. The advantage is almost instant previews of .nefs, the small disadvantage is less ability to zoom into the preview to fine tune noise or sharpening. if you don't like it, disable it.

  • Added "Click" white balance to options.
  • Added "rapid Preview". Preview window loads almost instantly with slightly lower res image.
  • Optimized speed of .nef converter. 20-25% speed increase.
  • Optimized speed of program load. Signifigant improvement. increase.
  • Optimized speed of plugin processing Dramatic improvement.
  • Fixed proportions of the preivew window.
  • Fixed problem when changing width and height in Resample dialog.
  • Rearranged Toolbars for more screen realestate.
  • Changed .tiffs to default to 300DPI.

Bibble is fully functional for 10 days before key features are disabled. Registration is US$99. Bibble includes a Photoshop plug-in as well.

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