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Canon EOS-1Ds minimum advertised price set at US$7999 in US  
Friday, November 1, 2002 | by
Canon USA's Chuck Westfall indicates that the minimum advertised price (MAP) for the company's upcoming EOS-1Ds digital SLR has been set at US$7999, or US$1000 less than the suggested list price of US$8999 Canon USA declared at the time of the EOS-1Ds' announcement. A digital SLR camera's MAP is usually a good indicator of its initial selling price through A-list dealers; it's unlikely that the camera will be discounted much more than a few hundred dollars from this price when it's first released, if at all (though in the competitive world of photo retail, anything is possible). Dealers in the US will, in a matter of days, be receiving a letter from Canon that will confirm both the price a dealer will pay for the EOS-1Ds, and its planned release date.
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