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FotoStation 4 Pro to be unveiled at PMA  
Friday, January 21, 2000 | by
Slated for sale from beginning in late February, FotoStation 4 Pro for Mac and Windows is designed as a front end for Fotoware's image server products. It includes most of the features of FotoStation 4, plus:
  • An innovative browse preview mode
  • Linked category/subcategory fields (in what must be the world's largest IPTC editing window!)
  • More extensive file format support
  • Server login
  • Multiple user support through loadable user configuration files
  • Browsable output folders (in addition to browsable input or view folders)
  • Ultra-fast searching (if Fotoware's Index Manager is also installed at the newspaper)
  • Extensive search options
  • Built-in support for Kodak digital camera acquire
  • Functionality customizable through extensive preferences options

The price of FotoStation 4 Pro will be US$828. Upgrades from FotoStation 4 will be available, though upgrade details have yet to be announced. At over US$800, the Pro version will be out of the reach of most individual photographers; newspaper photo desks, however, might well consider it as the browser in which FotoStation 4-prepared images are viewed. To see the Pro version for yourself, stop by Fotoware's booth at PMA in two week's time.

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