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Kodak updates website with DCS 620x pages  
Tuesday, May 16, 2000 | by
Kodak's website now includes information about the DCS 620x, as well as image quality comparisons between the DCS 620, 620x and an unnamed competitor's camera (that is obviously the D1!).

Note that the image quality comparison is of a strobe-lit scene with a mostly bright-toned background. As a result, the quality differences between the 3 cameras are minimized. That is, it's unlikely that the 620, 620x and D1 frames on Kodak's site would look appreciably different when printed on newsprint or even somewhat higher-quality printing processes. It isn't until one shoots in overly-contrasty, darker-toned scenes, typical of outdoor sports like football and baseball played at night, that the 620x really comes into its own, both on screen and in print.

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