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Firmware v7.50 for PocketWizard MultiMAX released  
Thursday, April 22, 2010 | by Rob Galbraith
Revved Up: A PocketWizard MultiMAX with firmware v7.50 installed (Custom IDs have been blacked out)
Firmware v7.50 for the LPA Design PocketWizard MultiMAX wireless radio transceiver (USB port model) is now available for download.

The new version is the official release of the firmware first introduced as public beta v7.35 Build 12 late last year. It incorporates all the changes of that version including a long range camera triggering mode, signal strength indicator, the ability to move a Custom ID channel to a different frequency and more.

The full list of changes in v7.50:
  • Long range mode This is especially useful for triggering remote cameras at events with lots of PocketWizards in use or when the remote camera is hundreds of feet away. It can also be used to fire flashes, but the maximum sync shutter speed will be slower than when the MultiMAX is set normally.

  • Close range mode Triggering reliability is sometimes reduced when the transmitting and receiving PocketWizards are within a few feet of each other. This mode will restore normal reliability, by turning down the output power of the transmitting MultiMAX.

  • Hot shoe input disable The contact pin on the foot of the MultiMAX will ignore trigger signals from the hot shoe of the camera or other device it's mounted on.

  • Custom ID move The operating frequency of a Custom ID channel can be changed, to move the Custom ID to a frequency with lower RF noise at an event.

  • Signal strength indicator With the MultiMAX set to RECEIVE, a cell phone style graphic shows the strength of the last incoming trigger signal. When the MultiMAX is first switched to RECEIVE mode, before the first trigger signal arrives, the signal strength indicator instead shows RF interference (more signal bars means less RF noise).

  • Multiple zone receive A MultiMAX set to RECEIVE can have one or multiple ABCD zones active at the same time, instead of just one as before.

  • Menu arrow indicator When a particular menu has more than four items in it, a down arrow on the screen will show that it's necessary to scroll to see additional menu items.
In addition, two changes introduced in beta firmware v7.33 carry over to this release: an RF noise meter (this is really useful when trying to sniff out the cleanest frequency at a busy venue) and a repeater mode.

More information on the new features is in a revised MultiMAX user guide. Note that public beta v7.35 Build 12 and today's v7.50 are identical in both features and the underlying program code. Thanks to a lack of reported bugs during the public beta period, the only change LPA Design made in revving the firmware from beta to official release status was to increment the version number to 7.50.

To install the firmware, start by downloading PocketWizard Utility v1.18.9 for Mac and Windows (if you don't have the application already). Connect your USB port-equipped MultiMAX to the computer via USB, then hold down the display light button while turning on the unit to RECEIVE. The MultiMAX will enter USB mode. The display will be blank and the red light will blink.

Click Check for Updates in PocketWizard Utility and you'll be presented with a list of firmware currently available, including v7.50 for the MultiMAX. Select and update the firmware in each of your MultiMAX units.
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