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Trouble installing D4 firmware? Turn off networking, says Nikon  
Saturday, June 2, 2012 | by Rob Galbraith
Nikon has amended the installation instructions for the D4 firmware update posted earlier this week. Now, those instructions include a workaround for D4 owners having difficulties getting the update to load: turn off the camera's networking feature before starting the update process.

Photographer John Onysko, who had previously been unable to update his two D4 bodies, said that after trying Nikon's new suggestion he was able to install the new firmware successfully in one of them. Prior to that, it had been a no-go. (The second body, he reports, still won't take firmware A:1.01 B:1.01 and is soon to be shipped to Nikon for service.)

The newly-added installation text is as follows:

  • The firmware cannot be upgraded when Network> Network connection in the Setup menu is set to ON. Be sure to set Network connection to OFF before attempting to upgrade the firmware.

  • Please be sure to use a FULLY charged EN-EL18 battery or EH-6 AC Adapter with EP-6 Power connector to perform this update.

The firmware update corrects an instance of the D4 locking up while in playback mode, as well as network/wireless and playback zoom bugs.

Thanks to John Onysko and Simon Stafford for bringing this to our attention.
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