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OS 9 and AP NewsLynx incompatible  
Thursday, February 10, 2000 | by
San Antonio Express-News Systems Editor Joe Abell reports a conflict between Mac OS 9 on the paper's new G4 towers and AP NewsLynx:

Don't know if you're aware of the situation we've run into here, but apparently the AP NewsLynx software won't work with Mac OS9. It'll run under 9 and you can browse and pull pictures out of the server with it, but if you try to put something in, it will simply freeze.

We found out when our AP tech called last week saying that an e-mail went out to all the techs to inform customers.Not really a problem if you're using 8.0-8.6. Unfortunately, we've discovered the hard way that the new G4s with the Sawtooth architecture will not run with anything LESS than OS9. My tech here at the Express-News tells me there's a ROM on the motherboard that won't let the machine see 8.5.1 (which is what we wanted to run) or 8.6.

The upshot is that you cannot run the NewsLynx software on a new G4.When I talked to the AP Server help desk folks about it, they hinted that AP would probably not do an upgrade in anticipation of everyone moving to the new NT-based servers and using regular browsers to access it. And yes, you can use a regular browser to access the current AP Server, but you're limited to specific search functions only. No lightboxes, no continually-updated general view, etc.

No one, of course, could give me a timeline of when the new servers would roll out; we have to wait for AP to schedule installation.They also told me I was the first customer to call them about the situation. Considering OS9 has been out for 3-4 months, as has the G4s, I guess we're in the vanguard of papers buying G4s. It would be interesting to know why they hadn't discovered this on their own a little earlier. But they said they would forward my concerns to higher ups in Development.

In the meantime, we'll be rolling out our G4s, but not completely in areas where we need to input photos, primarily the Photo Desk.

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