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Rods and Cones releases colour management CD  
Wednesday, May 16, 2001 | by
Rods and Cones, a colour management consultancy, has released a CD aimed at newcomers to the world of colour management. Called Profile Toolbox, the US$55 Mac/Windows CD features QuickTime movies that walk users through the basic setup and use of colour management in Photoshop 6.

Rods and Cones' Son Do on the Profile Toolbox CD

Rods and Cones' Son Do, the CD's narrator, discusses the generation of monitor profiles, optimum Photoshop 6 Color Settings, on-screen proofing and more. If you're looking for basic information on the implementation of colour management within Adobe's latest pro image editor, the CD's relatively sparse content may well suit you. Those looking to learn all the ins of Photoshop 6 colour management will be better served by Real World Photoshop 6.

To order the Profile Toolbox CD, call +1 866-ICCOLOR (866-422-6567) or send an email to Erica Aitken at

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