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Adobe releases new beta of Bridge CS3  
Thursday, January 25, 2007 | by Rob Galbraith
Adobe recently released a new beta version of Bridge CS3. Called Bridge Beta 2, it fixes numerous bugs, enables Bridge to take advantage of two-display setups, adds an option to view all pictures in subfolders and more.
Bridge Beta 2 is available for download as an updater to the Photoshop CS3 beta installation released in December 2006 (login and Photoshop CS2 serial number required). A posting in the Bridge CS3 topic area of the Adobe Labs Forums describes all the changes:

We have a new version of Bridge CS3! Build 865 - otherwise known as Bridge Beta 2.

Be sure to install the Photoshop CS3 Beta first, and then run the installer for Bridge Beta 2. Do not uninstall the previous Photoshop and Bridge installation, the Bridge Beta 2 installer will update the necessary components.

If you are running into issues, we suggest disabling all start up scripts. In addition please refer to the release notes at the end of this message.

What's New!!
Bug Fixes

Too many to mention! Thanks for testing and providing feedback. There was a particularly nasty memory leak that was masking a number of other issues which is now fixed.

Flat View

The flat view provides the ability to view all the content in the subfolders - effectively flattening the view. From the filter panel select the folder icon with the circle and slash through it. Using this with the filter panel, allows you to quickly see all the assets in a project and quickly find the files that you need, regardless of the file structure.

Multiple Monitor Support

We've heard the feedback for multiple monitor support. Creating a new synchronized window will allow you to create separate windows that are all synchronized on the same view. Here is how it works with 2 monitors:
1. In Monitor 1, from Default workspace create new synch window.
2. In new window move Preview panel to the center, hit the Tab Key to minimize left and right columns.
3. This should leave you with the just the preview panel in the window, drag to monitor 2
4. Go back to window 1, select thumbnails.

As you select thumbnails the second window will be synched and display the preview in monitor 2. Try it out with multiple synch windows and different layouts - let us know what you think.

Loupe Improvements

We've made a few tweaks to how the loupe reacts as it is dragged near the edge of the image. There should be less flipping and moving around.


The Open in Camera Raw command can be used when a JPEG or TIFF file is selected. A setting in the Preferences dialog indicate if ACR should always be used to render JPEG/TIFF.

Other Improvements

* File Type Extensions are now shown by default - there was some confusion on file types when the extension was hidden by the OS.
* Keywords are now saved more often to avoid data loss in case of crash.
* Filter by ISO values
* Filter by Camera Serial Number
* Larger maximum thumbnail size now increased to 640 pixels
* Improved support for a wider range of hardware configurations, including improved support for Software Rendering
* Improved display in the Preview panel and Slideshow, particularly with rotated images
* Folders, text files, etc... can be assigned a label and rating
* Stacks menu now available in the Menu bar
* Thumbnails are sharper when displayed at large size
* Select All now selects all items in a stack, not just the top of the stack
* Added Edit Metadata Template command in the Tools menu
* Added keyboard shortcut for Reject
* Added Batch Rename to contextual menu
* When using the Build Cache for Subfolder command, respect the thumbnail quality setting (previously, the thumbnails were always thumbnail as high quality thumbnail)
* The panels can be turned on and off from the Window menu (previously in the View menu)

Release Notes

Mac: After installing the newer Bridge beta build over the older beta build, there will be two Bridge executables in the Applications:Adobe Bridge CS3 folder. Customers must launch 'Bridge CS3' to run the updated version

Mac/Win: Bridge error on launch: 'An error occurred in a Bridge extension. JavaScript error (EventHandler:0): handler is not a function'
Workaround: Disable Start Meeting, Device Central, and Photoshop Services in the Startup Scripts pane under Edit>Preferences (win) or Bridge CS3>Preferences (Mac). Note: OLS and Photoshop Services are both listed in the Startup Scripts preferences. This occurs because the newer beta Bridge build was installed over the older beta build.

Mac/Win: When using Software Rendering, the Loupe only displays 100% (not 200%, etc...)

Win: Using the Backspace key to delete a file or Alt-Backspace to mark an item as rejected does not work as expected.
Workaround: Use delete key instead.

Mac/Win: Unable to open PSD files created in Lightroom if Bridge was used to modify the file.
Workaround: Do not modify Lightroom files in Bridge

Mac: After changing metadata (add keywords, rotate, etc.) for .psd and .jpg files, can't double-click files to open in PS CS3 using same Bridge session.
Workaround: Exit Bridge and re-start.

Mac/Win: Open RAW file via Bridge Camera Raw and click on Open button in Camera Raw window. Photoshop is not launched as expected.
Workaround: Shift-double-click the RAW file in the Bridge window to open in Photoshop (note on windows: Photoshop may not come to the front when launched or if already running).

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