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Kodak clears out NC 2000e, DCS 460, DCS 465 and DCS 1 cameras  
Wednesday, June 21, 2000 | by
Kodak today announced closeout prices on several discontinued pro digital cameras, including the original photojournalist's workhorse, the NC 2000e.

The Nikon-platform 1.3 megapixel camera, developed by Kodak in conjunction with the Associated Press, is available in both colour and monochromatic versions for US$1000. At that price, the camera is a worthy intro to digital SLR photography for photojournalism schools or freelancers on a tight budget. Note that the Kodak web site is in error when it states that the NC 2000e is built around the Nikon N90 body; photographer Steve Miller, who purchased one of the closeout NC 2000e cameras, indicates that it arrived with an N90s body as expected.

Other cameras discounted in a year end closeout at Kodak's online store include the 6 megapixel DCS 460 colour, DCS 460 infrared, DCS 1 colour and DCS 1 monochromatic. Each camera is US$2500. The DCS 465 is also among the closeout models, according to a Kodak press release, but is not listed on the Closeout Professional Digital Cameras page.

All cameras are new, not refurbished, come with a 6 month warranty, and may not be returned for a refund, says Kodak's web site.

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