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Toledo Blade investigation reveals 79 altered Detrich photos  
Monday, April 16, 2007 | by Rob Galbraith
An examination by the Toledo Blade of photographs submitted by former staffer Allan Detrich concluded that 79 were digitally altered since the beginning of 2007. A Blade article entitled A basic rule: Newspaper photos must tell the truth, by the paper's Executive Editor Ron Royhab, describes the results of the Blade's internal investigation into the photographer's work, in the wake of Detrich's manipulation of a news photo in late March 2007 and his subsequent resignation.
Says the article:
The changes Mr. Detrich made included erasing people, tree limbs, utility poles, electrical wires, electrical outlets, and other background elements from photographs. In other cases, he added elements such as tree branches and shrubbery.
Mr. Detrich also submitted two sports photographs in which items were inserted. In one he added a hockey puck and in the other he added a basketball, each hanging in mid-air. Neither was published.
The paper's findings are in stark contrast to Detrich's words in an April 5, 2007 post on his blog. As of this writing, he hasn't updated his blog to address the Blade's discovery of many additional manipulated photos. (Note: Detrich's blog entries appear to have been changed one or more times since he first began posting about the altered photo controversy.)
The NPPA's latest entry on this story includes colour versions of two of the photographs altered by Detrich. In the article, Don Winslow, Editor of the NPPA's News Photographer magazine, dubs Detrich "a serial digital manipulator of news photographs." Toledo television station 13ABC also has coverage, which can currently be seen in the Video On Demand section of the front page of their website, or on YouTube.
Update, April 17, 2007: Allan Detrich apologizes for his actions in a new Sports Shooter ethics column.
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