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Documenting the Platte River eco-system with 45 time-lapse DSLRs  
Tuesday, May 8, 2012 | by Eamon Hickey, a local news web site in Kearney, Nebraska, U.S.A., has posted an article on an initiative called The Platte Basin Time-lapse project. This spring, the project will finish installing 45 remote-mounted, weather-protected DSLR cameras in various locations around the Platte River Basin. 

The cameras will shoot one image per hour, documenting the wet-to-dry water cycle of the river basin. The project's sponsors hope to continue the effort for at least a year but possibly longer if they can find the funding.

The project web site, which includes a blog, already has a number of short time-lapse movies available to view. It doesn't yet give much detail on the technical setup of the cameras, housings, or workflow, but Nikon is a co-sponsor of the initiative, so it's a safe bet that the company's cameras are being used. 

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