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Speedlight Solutions bracket for using twin shoe-mount flashes launched  
Wednesday, November 2, 2011 | by Eamon Hickey
A New Hampshire (USA) company called Doiron Design has launched a new bracket, branded as Speedlight Solutions, for mounting two paired Canon or Nikon shoe-mount flashes with a softbox or umbrella, including up to 7ft/2.2m parabolic umbrellas from several manufacturers.

Double Vision: The Speedlight Solutions two-flash bracket (Photo courtesy Doiron Design)

The bracket is available in two versions, one for Canon 580EX and 580EXII Speedlites and the other for Nikon SB-900 Speedlights. The bracket includes a receptacle and built-in two-way optical splitter to allow use of a single Radio Popper PX receiver for radio-frequency wireless TTL flash control of the paired speedlights. 

An umbrella mount is built in to the bracket, which holds the flashes in such a way that the flash heads are adjacent (only 3/4ths of an inch apart) so that light output is properly focused on the center of the parabolic umbrella. 

An optional speedring allows softboxes to be mounted (which models are not specified, but a product photo shows the bracket being used with a Westcott softbox). 

The Speedlight Solutions bracket is available directly from Doiron Design, and both the Nikon and Canon models cost US$150. 
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