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Camera Bits announces upcoming upload plug-in support for Photo Mechanic  
Friday, June 1, 2007 | by Rob Galbraith
Camera Bits has announced that Photo Mechanic 4.5.2 for Windows and Mac will include a framework for organizations to create custom upload plug-ins for the pro photo browser. The first such plug-in will be for Digital Railroad, an online image management service.
Version 4.5.2 of Photo Mechanic is slated for release later this month.
More information is in the press release below.

Press Release

Camera Bits Adds Scriptable Upload Plug-in Support for Photo Mechanic™

Digital Railroad Members Benefit from Built-in Upload Script

Portland, Oregon, June 1, 2007 - Camera Bits, Inc. today announced the addition of a powerful plug-in architecture for adding photo upload templates to its trusted Photo Mechanic™ browser and workflow software. The new capability both streamlines and extends photo transmission options for working photographers who rely upon timely submission of their photos to a variety of services.

Unlike most other plug-in architectures for professional photography, Photo Mechanic's templates are open source and cross-platform because they are simply comprised of an efficient and effective text file containing programming instructions in Ruby, a powerful scripting language. Photo Mechanic's upload templates can therefore leverage Ruby's built-in “hooks” for data transport across the Internet, and tap into a “bridge” to Photo Mechanic for the generation of dynamic interfaces and the mining of processed photos and metadata. Although an upload template for Photo Mechanic is measured in kilobytes rather than megabytes, the power to create customized content delivery is maximized by Photo Mechanic's unique template architecture.

With the rollout of this new feature, Camera Bits provides its first built-in upload script for the Digital Railroad service. As founder and CEO Evan Nisselson of Digital Railroad explains, “A core aspect of our members' success is their ability to streamline workflow and distribute their images quickly. Photo Mechanic's new upload technology further accelerates their time to market via our service.”

The new feature will be demonstrated at the NPPA Summit in Portland on June 1st, and will be available in version 4.5.2 of Photo Mechanic scheduled for release later in June.

About Camera Bits

Camera Bits, Inc. (, an innovator in digital photography since 1996, is the creator of the Photo Mechanic photo browser and workflow software for professional photographers. Compatible with both Macintosh OS X and Windows Vista/XP/2000, Photo Mechanic is the premier cross-platform solution for digital photographers who need to manage large quantities of photos under tight deadlines.

About Digital Railroad

Digital Railroad ( is the trusted provider of online technology and services for the global community of buyers and sellers of professional photography. Digital Railroad members actively manage images on topics such as sports, news, celebrity, commercial, nature and stock. Digital Railroad's comprehensive suite of online services transforms the way photographers and agencies manage, market and sell images worldwide.

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