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Canon Canada ending Calgary, Montreal camera repair, expanding CPS resources  
Wednesday, March 18, 2009 | by Rob Galbraith
Canon Canada will end the repair of cameras and other photo gear at its facilities in Calgary and Montreal later this month, as the first step in a consolidation and expansion of Canon Professional Service (CPS) resources in Mississauga. A recent notification to Canadian CPS members indicates that repair services at its western and eastern regional locations will cease on March 31, 2009; after that date, all gear requiring repair is to be shipped directly to Canon's service facility adjacent to the company's Canadian headquarters in Ontario.

The centralization of SLR, lens and accessory repairs is the kickoff to what's promised to ultimately be an improved CPS service, says Neil Stephenson, Professional Market Executive in Canon Canada's Consumer Imaging Group. In the months ahead, says Stephenson, one of the staffers tasked with implementing the Canadian CPS program, Canon shooters can look forward to there being more SLR technicians at the one service centre in Mississauga than there were at the three service centres combined, as well as a significant increase in the service loaner pool of gear available to CPS members, including new digital SLR bodies, supertelephotos and more.

Says Stephenson: "We have made a very significant investment in professional equipment to accomplish this that will make the transition between the CPS member's equipment and Canon's loaner units faster, smoother and more reliable resulting in improved member satisfaction."

The total allocation of CPS loaner gear, he says, will be the largest it has been since Stephenson joined Canon Canada a little over 12 years ago. The new complement of bodies, lenses and accessories is being integrated into the pool now, though it will take some time for all of it to come available for loan.

The ending of repairs in Calgary and Montreal, hiring of additional technicians in Mississauga and the beefing up of the loaner pool are the beginning of a series of changes being developed for Canon Canada's CPS program. It's too soon, says Stephenson, to provide details about how the program will evolve from here. He indicates, however, that they're targeting a mid-2009 announcement for the next wave of changes, changes he thinks will please Canadian CPS members. One of the elements of the Canadian CPS program not slated to change in the near term is preferred pricing on professional products, he says.

Between now and March 31, 2009, Canon equipment dropped off for service in Calgary or Montreal will be handled on site if it's judged that there is the time, parts or other resources needed to complete the repair before the last day of the month. Otherwise, the item will be shipped to Mississauga for repair and direct return to the photographer. (Some types of repairs are managed this way already, including calibration of the autofocus systems in newer Canon digital SLRs).

Starting on April 1, 2009, all Canon gear needing service should be shipped by the photographer to Canon Canada's Mississauga service centre, as there will be no formal procedure in place at either Calgary or Montreal to accept and forward items for repair. In the next few weeks, Canon Canada plans to implement a streamlined shipping procedure specifically for CPS members; the specifics of that will come at the time the revamped procedure is unveiled, says Stephenson.

More information is in a notice sent to Canadian CPS members:

Dear Canon Professional Services member,

As part of our continuing efforts to provide top quality and efficient service, Canon Canada is pleased to announce the first of several significant improvements to our professional services program. Effective April 1, 2009 Canon will consolidate CPS repairs to one central location in Mississauga Ontario. This improved process will allow us to deliver faster repair turnaround, along with even more comprehensive professional support for our members.

Professionals in the Montreal and Calgary areas can continue to drop off their equipment at our current regional office locations where it will be shipped to our Mississauga facility. After March 31st the Montreal and Calgary service locations will not be processing repairs on-site.

For our Toronto based clients, equipment can be shipped to/dropped off at the usual address below.  

For expedited service, customers from all regions in Canada are requested to ship directly to our Mississauga factory service located at:

Canon Canada
1400 Courtney Park Drive E.
Mississauga, Ontario
L5T 1H1

Professional service inquires regarding repairs can be directed to the following regional contact numbers:

Central 905-795-2005
Western 403-219-5939
Eastern 514-342-3428

We are confident that our new service structure will continue to improve the services that our professional members have come to rely upon and we thank you for your choice of Canon professional products.

Canon Professional Services

Thanks to Tom Braid for bringing this to our attention.

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