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Pre-orders now being accepted for AlienBees MAX, accessories  
Monday, June 1, 2009 | by Rob Galbraith
Earlier today, Paul C. Buff in the U.S. began accepting pre-orders for the upcoming AlienBees MAX monolights, parabolic umbrellas, new-design reflectors and Cyber Commander master and remote modules. All items are tentatively scheduled to begin delivery on July 1.

Pre-ordering at this time can be done by phone or email, and serves as a no-obligation reservation of the items you wish to buy and a place in the queue to receive them. Once the items come available, the company intends to contact people on the pre-order list to confirm they want the items and to gather shipping and payment details.

Flashy: The AlienBees MAX monolight, in one of its four available colours (Photos courtesy Paul C. Buff)

More information on the new Paul C. Buff products is in a previous article, as well as on a new products page. U.S. prices and pre-order information is here. Note that as of this writing, the Cyber Commander master unit and Cyber Commander remote module for the AlienBees MAX are not listed on the pre-order page, but can be pre-ordered at a price of US$179.95 and US$29.95, respectively.

Paul C. Buff's new European representative, Gotham, will begin accepting orders for the AlienBees MAX and other upcoming products beginning in a few weeks, says Gotham's Franz Ammann. He is tentatively expecting to begin shipping the MAX monolights in mid-July, and is also in the process of adding various other Paul C. Buff products to the European online shop.

Update, June 30, 2009: Paul C. Buff has announced that the plan to establish Gotham Audio as the company's European sales and service division has been reversed. A notice on the AlienBees website says the following:

NOTICE: As of June 15, 2009, Gotham Audio in Switzerland is no longer authorized to represent Paul C. Buff, Inc.  Any purchase from Gotham after this date shall be considered an unauthorized and unsupported sale and may not be covered under warranty by Paul C. Buff, Inc. Please contact us directly at 615-383-3982 or to inquire regarding the direct purchase of Paul C. Buff, Inc. equipment.

No reason is given for the change.

Revision History
June 2, 2009: Added more information about European availability.
June 30, 2009: Added info that Gotham Audio is no longer representing Paul C. Buff in Europe.
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