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JobMinder 6.0 to run native in Mac OS X  
Saturday, June 16, 2001 | by
Version 6.0 of JobMinder, the Mac/Windows photo assignment system built on FileMaker Pro, is set to go native. A Mac OS X-compatible version of the client/server package from Northern Light DataSystems is to be released on September 1. Meanwhile, v6.0 of JobMinder for pre-OS X Mac systems, as well as Windows, is available now (web site not updated).

Key changes in v6.0 include:

  • Export XML: JobMinder 6.0 exports all IPTC, custom and caption information in XML, the more-flexible follow-on to HTML.

  • Get Thumbnail: Photographers can import a thumbnail of a photo being captioned. After captioning, one click sends the photo and XML information to a photo server.

  • Optional Graphics Module: Graphics departments will be able to use the add-on module to create, assign and track graphics requests.

Northern Light DataSystems is at NEXPO through June 19th, in booth 4144.

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