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ShutterSnitch 2.1.5 adds slideshow music option, Zenfolio uploading  
Friday, August 12, 2011 | by Rob Galbraith
ShutterSnitch 2.1.5 for the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, our favourite app for receiving pictures from a wireless camera, adds an option to select individual songs or groups of songs to play as a slideshow runs, plus uploading to Zenfolio, mirrored output to an external display and more. The app also sports a spiffier icon.

The full list of stated changes is as follows:

What's New in Version 2.1.5

New icon!
Added Zenfolio to the upload locations.
Choose/create a Facebook album to upload to.
You can now pick music from the music library for the slideshow.
Improved import from the Photos library.
Actions are now also performed when importing photos from the Photos library.
Added option for mirrored output to external screen.
It's now possible to de-(and re-)authenticate a Facebook location.
Added SITE UTIME support to the FTP server. So FTP clients can update the file modified date on upload.
Fixed bug that wouldn't set the "show only tagged images" filter when the "Jump to new images" option was disabled.
Two-finger double tapping the photo will now refresh its recorded data / preview image.

Of these, the standout new feature is slideshow music, with the ability to select virtually any combination of songs pulled from your iOS device's music library. You can select one, some or all songs from one or more playlists, albums or other categories within the selection popup. (By comparison, the native Photos app is restricted to the selection of one song only).

In Tune: ShutterSnitch 2.1.5 adds a slideshow music option

ShutterSnitch now offers the following slideshow capabilities:
  • Pictures can be sequenced four different ways: by file name, capture time, the order in which they were received or randomly. For the first three, the sort can order can be ascending or descending.

  • Slideshows can be played back on the iOS device's display, an external display or both at the same time. If the slideshow is set to play only on the external display, it's possible to do certain basic tasks within ShutterSnitch on the iOS device without causing the slideshow to be interrupted.

  • Slideshow resolution can be as high as the iOS device and the external display supports, up to a limit of 1920 x 1200 pixels. For example, if the iOS device is the iPad 2 and the external display is a 1080p HD television, ShutterSnitch will, on the fly, create a 1920 x 1080-pixel version of the picture and send that to the TV. The result is a crisp slideshow, even at close viewing distances.

  • Transitions are Dissolve, Ken Burns (pan and zoom) and None.

  • Pictures sent wirelessly to ShutterSnitch while a slideshow is running will automatically be added into the show (and given preference over photos that have already been shown).

  • Music can optionally accompany the slideshow.
ShutterSnitch was already our preferred slideshow app, even in situations where its wireless receiving capabilities weren't needed. Being able to select and play slideshow music from within the app is the icing on the cake.

ShutterSnitch 2.1.5 is a free update for licensed users of an earlier ShutterSnitch 2.x release, and is available through the iTunes App Store on your computer or the App Store on your iOS device. A new license is US$15.99 (or the approximate equivalent in other currencies).
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