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Photo Mechanic updated to 4.1.2  
Friday, May 28, 2004 | by Rob Galbraith

Photo Mechanic for Mac OS X and Windows has been updated to v4.1.2.

The new release adds the ability to view and caption Photoshop-format (.PSD) files, fixes a problem with viewing Nikon NEF files that have been saved out of Nikon View or Nikon Capture, adds a variable to extract a camera-unique identifier found in files from newer Nikon cameras and more.

A Read Me document included with 4.1.2 notes the following changes:

  • Added support for reading, captioning, and saving Photoshop® PSD files. On Windows, this requires QuickTime™ from Apple Computer (
  • When installing QuickTime on Windows, you can choose to keep your existing file associations as they are to prevent QuickTime from opening certain media files. Photo Mechanic will still use QuickTime internally for opening Photoshop® files even if you disable that file association.

  • Fixed problems reading Nikon NEF files saved by Nikon View or Nikon Capture (e.g. black thumbnails). However, operations such as rotation and IPTC captioning by Nikon View or Nikon Capture will cause camera NEF files to be re-written, resulting in loss of original camera info (e.g. loss of 3K x 2K preview for Nikon D70 NEF files). Camera Bits recommends that you keep an original copy of your raw NEF files for compatibility with earlier versions of Photo Mechanic and earlier versions of Nikon Capture and Nikon View. Please consult the ReadMe file for Nikon’s software for additional information.

  • Added {serialnum} support for newer Nikon cameras. In some cases this isn’t the camera body serial number, but a unique “PKG” number.

  • Input ICC profiles are now allowed to be selected from the default ICC profile menu in the Preferences dialog (previously, only “display” profiles were shown).

  • If the capture date is invalid, the file modification time is now used instead.

  • (Mac) Added new preference to force spell checking on as you type into the caption IPTC field.

  • (Mac) Fixed a problem with capture times being reported in UTC time rather than local time in certain cases.

  • (Mac) Fixed a problem selecting preference colors for the contact sheet from non-RGB color pickers (e.g. grayscale slider).

  • (Windows) Fixed crashing problem when deleting multiple read-only files.

  • (Windows) Fixed display update problem when dismissing a selected photo from the preview dialog (preview was not advanced to the next selected photo).

  • (Windows) Fixed startup crash when the “On Startup” preference was set to “Open last contact sheet” and the folder is no longer available.

  • (Windows) Fixed Reset Button in Set Sequence dialog.

  • (Windows) Fixed problem reading from CD or other read-only media.

  • (Windows) Multi-line image variables now use Windows line endings.

  • (Windows) Fixed problem accessing a Mac formatted external hard disks attached to a Windows computer using MacDrive 5 from Mediafour (“Parameter is incorrect” message).

The update is free for most licensed users of Photo Mechanic.

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