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MacBibble 1.2, Bibble 2.3X posted  
Wednesday, November 22, 2000 | by
Both Mac and PC users have something new from Eric Hyman this week. The author of Bibble for Windows, and MacBibble for Mac, has recently released two new versions of the US$99 program for browsing and processing D1 RAW (.NEF) files.

Changes in MacBibble 1.2, says author Eric Hyman, include:

  • *NEW* Instant Previews in browser window. Click an image for an instant 1/4 size preview with EXIF INFO.
  • Added Correct preview for rotated images on options screen.
  • Added Iconic image to status display when batching.
  • Added menu 'Output options' to set jpeg quality and tiff dpi.
  • Added Ability to change Tiff DPI.
  • Changed preview dialog image size to be bigger.
  • Fixed crash relating to rotation options.
  • Fixed minor issues with display when tone and gamma are both off.
  • Fixed bug causing Color Correction to take longer then it should.
  • Fixed install to work with Photoshop 6.0.
  • Extended trial for previous users.

FireWire support is not included in MacBibble 1.2.

Bibble 2.3x for Windows is built on Canon's SDK for the D30, and includes Eric Hyman's first go at supporting Canon RAW (.CRW) files, in addition to D1 RAW (.NEF):

With this version, you will be able to browse, load/save and batch process D30 .crw files using all of bibble options.

Due to limitations of the Canon Software and Lack of documentation on Canon's part (Combined with a proprietarily compressed file format), I have as yet been able to mimic function of some of the D30's options (Contrast, Color Enhance, etc). Similar options are available in bibble, but they will function somewhat differently than their D30 counter parts. Additionally, it is very slow at the moment (But no slower than Canon's twain driver). Hopefully they will release more documentation in the future and then I can speed things up.

Contrast: Adjusting the "Autolevel" numbers in the options will allow you to increase contrast of your photos.

Saturation: (Click the HSV button to dial in Saturation. 10,20,30 seem to mimic the canon settings well).

Tone: This isn't a Canon option, but you will like it none the less. Low for high contrast photos to save the highlights.

Exposure Comp: Adjust the slider up and down to adjust exposure. Disable Autolevels when adjusting as they fight each other.

WhiteBalance: I still have not replicated the Canon standard settings, however you can use Click White to set the whitebalance in the picture.

Please see the other .txt and .html files for more information.

Note: Insta and rapid preview do not work with D30 . EXIF info has not been incorporated for D30 files. Color might also still be a tiny bit off.

NOTE: You must have the Canon Twain drivers installed for all of this to function.

The latest releases are free upgrades for registered users of Bibble or MacBibble. 10 day trial versions are available; registration is US$99. Eric Hyman indicates he will not be able to assist with problems experienced with the new versions until after November 27.

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