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Phase One pre-announces 39MP, 31MP, and 18MP backs  
Monday, July 18, 2005 | by Eamon Hickey

Phase One has pre-announced three new digital backs for medium-format camera bodies, all featuring 4:3 image ratio sensors. They are:

  • The P45, a 39-megapixel back that's scheduled to ship in November, 2005.

  • The P30, a 31.6-megapixel back targeted at fashion shooters, which Phase One claims will be virtually moiré-free. This back is scheduled to ship in December, 2005.

  • The P21, an 18-megapixel back able to capture 60 frames per minute, which will ship in February, 2006.

All three models write photos to CompactFlash cards and are powered by Lithium Ion battery packs. No pricing is given for any of these backs.

Phase One has also announced that they will offer "true wireless image transfer" of previews and RAW images to all users of current and future P-series backs, but no details on how this will work, or what products will make it possible, are given.

Finally, Phase One has also announced "3S technology" (Secure Storage System), which has been introduced with "the latest P-series firmware" (no version number is given). This technology checks the validity of every CF card inserted into a P-series back, eliminating the risk of writing data to a defective card.

These pre-announcements usher in a new Phase One policy to keep the public informed of its future product plans extending 18 months into the future, starting from this point forward. It isn't clear if this policy applies to all Phase One products or just to major hardware products such as these digital backs.

Revision History
• Corrected an error in the specifications for the P21 (July 19, 2005)

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